Year 5


Autumn 1 Term

World War 1

We kicked off our topic with a visit to ‘The British Motor Museum’ to find out what life was like on the front line.   In this topic we  found out about the causes of the First World War and what it was like to be a soldier during this period of history through reading and studying ‘War Game’ by Michael Foreman.  The book follows the lives of 4 friends, who enlist together, and their experiences in Flanders.  We used the book to inspire our writing where we wrote a series of diaries and letters in character.  Also, as part of Black History Month, we found out about the life of Walter Tull, who was also the first black officer to lead white British soldiers in battle and was one of many brave soldiers who fought and was killed in World War One.  We used what we had learned to lead the school’s act of remembrance on November 11th.


Interesting Reads:

War Games – Michael Foreman:

War Horse and Private Peaceful – Michael Morpurgo.

Horrible Histories World War 1

Useful Websites


Autumn 2 Term

Alchemy Island

Before we started our magical journey to ‘Alchemy Island’ we had a spooky visit from the chief alchemist who us left with a map of the island, set of co-ordinates, some potions  and some clues which we had solve in order to find the hidden gold.   We worked scientifically to test a variety of different materials for absorbency, solubility and thermal conductivity; investigate separating materials; investigate irreversible changes and the effects of heating and burning.


Interesting Reads:

Harry Potter series – JK Rowling

The Apothecary – Maile Meloy

The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe – CS Lewis

Tom’s Midnight Garden – Phillipa Pearce

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Spring Term

Stargazers and Timetravellers:

The children identified the characteristics of the planets that make up our solar system as well as investigating orbits and rotations. We have constructed and used working models to help us explain why we have day and night and are able to identify and explain the different phases of the moon.  We used a range of different sources to research and write about the life of Neil Armstrong and the first landing on the moon.  ‘The Planet Suite’ by Gustav Holst was the inspiration for our planet art work and the film clip ‘Pandora’ inspired us to create a new planet along with the forms of life that lived there.  We also looked at the work of Newton and Galileo and investigated a range of forces such as gravity and air resistance.


Interesting Reads

Astronomy by Rachel Firth

Discovery:  Space by Bloomsbury

Cosmic by Frank Cotterell Boyce

Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

The Usborne official astronauts handbook

Diary of a time traveller by Nicholas Stevenson and David Long

Useful websites:



Summer Term:


We have learnt about the physical and human geography of the British Isles and related its geography to where and why different foodstuffs are grown and have identified what is required to successfully grow a range of fruit, vegetables and flowers. We have designed our ideal allotment and thought about what we could grow in it.  We have evaluated the school site and identified the best area for creating a school allotment plot.  We have learned about the different parts of plants and their life cycles.


Interesting Reads

A little course in growing veg and fruit by Dorling Kindersley

Plants Earth Cycles by Sally Morgan

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Return to the Secret Garden by Holly Web

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Useful Websites…allotment/design-a-childrens-allotment/

Assessment for learning is integral at The Meadows Primary School and drives the next steps in learning, by flagging up gaps and informing what the teachers need to plan for in terms of individuals, groups and whole class learning. As a result some objectives may be modified, added or omitted depending on the needs of the pupils.


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