During Autumn 1, Year 4 learnt all about the traders and raiders the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings!


In English, we used ‘How to Train your Dragon’ as our stimulus and we have written detailed setting descriptions of the Forest of Berk and even written reports about our own mythical creatures like the the miniature ridgeback and the panguen.


In Maths, we improved our place value knowledge by learning about numbers up to 10,000! We were amazed how many groups of 10 are needed to make 1000; we needed ONE HUNDRED tens. Also, we learnt about the symbols < > and = as well as different methods for addition and subtraction. 

Adding thousands with regrouping


During Topic, we learnt about the timeline of the Anglo-Saxon people and the invasion of the Vikings. We now know the reasons why the Vikings migrated to England and how they invaded. We also learnt about Anglo-Saxon and Viking life, decoded Viking runes and identified how England was split into Kingdoms. We particularly enjoyed working as a class to put together an Anglo-Saxon warrior using mosaic pieces.

Before Christmas, we are super excited for our Viking Workshop and more Viking crafts and Viking art!

We are also slowly becoming technology whizzes through by Purple Mash to code games and create our own Viking posters.

Other Exciting Year 4 News

In Music, we began to learn how to play the recorder!