Year 3


2016 – 2017

Autumn term

Gods and Mortals

We began this topic with our ‘WOW’ morning by watching the movie Hercules! The children researched the Greek gods, focusing on Hercules and writing diary entries as well as character descriptions. In our geography work, we found out about life in ancient Greece, comparing it to life in Birmingham. As part of our design and technology work, we designed, made and painted a clay pot.



We started our topic with a ‘WOW’ morning making fruit salads and smoothies. In music, we learnt the song ‘Food, Glorious Food!’. As part of our science, we learnt about food groups and considered what we need to have a healthy diet. Children found out about the journey of our food, from farm to plate.


Spring Term

Urban Pioneers

We were visited by a graffiti artist as our ‘WOW‘ morning, which gave the children a chance to see and try the different techniques and methods used in graffiti. We found out about different countries and made comparisons between rural and urban areas. In science, we learnt about light, dark and shadow and how to be safe from the sun.



For this topic, we had a special visitor, who showed us a variety of exotic animals for our ‘WOW’ morning. In science, we found out how food chains work and which animals are the ultimate predators! Children categorised animals into groups according to their diets and used technical language such as: herbivore, carnivore and  producer.


Summer Term

Mighty Metals

As part of this topic, we looked at different types of metals and their uses. In science, we looked at forces and how different forces affect the world around us. In design and technology, we made our own spinners, considering their design and function.



This topic is all about rivers and how they shape the landscape around us. Children have learnt all about how rivers are formed, which animals live there and about how the water cycle works.


Coming up for 2017 – 2018


This year as part of our ‘WOW’ mornings we have:

  • Trips to Cadbury World and The ThinkTank
  • A superhero day for our Heroes and Villains topic
  • A food morning for our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic


We are looking forward to our new topic Heroes and Villains, which thinks about heroes in our everyday lives and those from traditional tales and comics.



Assessment for learning is integral at The Meadows Primary School and drives the next steps in learning, by flagging up gaps and informing what the teachers need to plan for in terms of individuals, groups and whole class learning. As a result some objectives may be modified, added or omitted depending on the needs of the pupils.

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