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Autumn Term: Memory Box/ Dinosaurs:

We began this topic with the children bringing in their special toys. We explored toys and households in the past and present and made comparisons. We investigated how toys have changed in the children’s lifetime, and looked at the chronological order and sequencing of the toys that they have played with from when they were a baby to now. The topic was linked with our science and design technology work on materials: investigating how toys are made.

In the second half term, we looked at dinosaurs and began the topic by going on a dinosaur egg hunt.  In science we looked at different animals including: mammals, reptiles and amphibians.


Spring Term: Moonzoom/ Enchanted Woodland:

We started the topic with a visit to the Planetarium at the ThinkTank Science Museum in Birmingham. Our science lessons were based around the planets and materials. In history, we found out about the lives of astronauts, such as Neil Armstrong.  In music, the children enjoyed learning songs related to space.

During the Enchanted Woodland topic, the children read a range of traditional tales and acted these out. They then went on to write a retell of the traditional tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Our science was based around plants and we visited Kingsbury Water-park for some practical investigations.


Summer Term: Superheroes/Rio Carnival:

We have read a range of superhero stories and looked at the features of comics. We planned and wrote comic strip stories and invented our own superheroes. In addition, we learnt about historical heroes such as Florence Nightingale.

In the second half of the term, we explored Rio, looking at how Rio compares to Birmingham. We listened to the music of Brazil and designed carnival masks and headdresses for our own carnival day.



We have explored the importance of internet safety. The children have also had the opportunity to use a range of ‘smartboard’ interactive tools.



Throughout the year, the children have participated in units of work in games, dance and gymnastics. They have worked, individually, in pairs and as part of a team. Furthermore, we have discussed and identified the advantages of regular exercise and having a healthy diet.



We have looked at the theme of belonging and making promises. We have thought about ‘Our World’ and considered the importance of symbols and why we send special presents.


PHSE (Including British Values):

We have talked about our feelings and know why bullying is wrong. We know how to keep ourselves safe at school and at home. We know what we can do to keep healthy.

The children have been taught the value of democracy: children’s ideas are heard and shared with others. We have had class votes resulting in democratic decisions. We promote behaviours and attitudes that show respect towards others. This year we have learned about aspects of Christianity alongside a variety of other religions and faiths to encourage children to celebrate diversity and think about similarities and differences.



We have made observational drawings of toys and the local environment and produced 3D models of spacecrafts. The children used different materials to create their own collages, exploring colour, shape, texture and pattern through drawing and painting. We studied the work of different artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.



In year one we will continue to build on the phonic knowledge the children have begun to learn from reception. Phonics is all about using the skills for reading and spelling with the knowledge of the alphabet. Learning phonics will help your child to become a good reader and writer.

In June in year one we have a national phonics screening check. The phonics screening check is a quick check of your child’s ability to decode words using only his or her phonic knowledge. It helps us to confirm whether children have met the expected standard for a child at the end of Year 1. The check is a statutory requirement for all children in Year 1 (and for those in Year 2 who did not take the check or meet the standard in Year 1). It takes place each year in the summer term.



Phonic Terms explained:

  • Phonemes: The smallest units of sound that are found within a word (you hear a phoneme)
  • Grapheme: The spelling of the sound e.g. Th (you see a grapheme)
  • Diagraph: Two letters that make one sound when read
  • Trigraphs: Three letters that make one sound
  • CVC: Stands for consonant, vowel, consonant (this applies to sounds NOT letters)
  • Segmenting: is breaking up a word into its sounds to spell
  • Blending : Putting the sounds together to read a word
  • Tricky words: Words that cannot easily be decoded.

Phonics screening check information:

How does the check work?

  • Your child will be asked to read 40 words aloud to a teacher who is known to him/her.
  • Your child may have read some of the words before, while others would have been completely new.
  • The check takes only a few minutes to complete and there was no time limit.


Meeting the expected standard:

In order for children to demonstrate that they have met the expected standard in phonic decoding they have to score at least 32 marks in the phonics screening check. Children who scored fewer than 32 marks are considered not to have met the expected standard in phonic decoding. Any child who has not met the expected standard will be given additional support in phonics to help him or her to improve and will have the opportunity to take the test again in year 2.





Useful Websites for Phonics:

Correct enunciation: home support for parents:

Useful Websites for Maths:

Useful Websites for English:



Assessment for learning is integral at The Meadows Primary School and drives the next steps in learning, by flagging up gaps and informing what the teachers need to plan for in terms of individuals, groups and whole class learning. As a result some objectives may be modified, added or omitted depending on the needs of the pupils.


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