At The Meadows Primary School, we work together with children, parents and outside agencies to ensure all our pupil’s needs are met.

What will happen if a teacher has a SEND concern about your child?

The teacher and SEND team will always communicate with you, if they feel your child needs additional support. If outside agency involvement is needed then the suggestions from these professionals will be used to help support your child’s learning.

Any children with complex needs may have an Education, Health and Care Plan.  These are established by the SENCo with parent involvement, using a Person Centred Review.

What should a parent do if they have concerns over their child’s learning?

If you are concerned about your child, the first person to speak would be the class teacher.  The teacher may direct you to speak to the SENCo if they believe that your concern is in regards to the way in which your child learns. The SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) is a teacher who coordinates the provision for children with special educational needs or disabilities in the school.

If your concern is in regards to the mental well being of your child, the the teacher may refer your concern to the pastoral team rather than the SENCO.

How will we work with you to identify the SEND needs of your child?

In order to identify the needs of your child, The Meadows Primary will use and adhere to the Code of Practice under the Families Act 2014.

Will outside professionals be involved?

If the SENCo feels that your child may benefit from external support, she may make a referral to an outside agency to work with your child in identifying their needs. Prior to this, we will ask for your permission either verbally or in writing. We may also ask for more information in regards to your personal experiences at home with your child as well as asking for their own views.

How will we involve your child in decisions about their learning?

Children with additional needs will have an ITP. This document will lay out targets that can be measured and monitored and they will be discussed with your child so that they understand what they are aiming for.

Some children may need an Education, Health and Care Plan. If this is required, a meeting will be established with your child and yourself to decide upon how the plan will run and an annual review will also be organised.

What happens when your child moves schools?

If your child moves to a new school, the SENCo’s from both schools will ensure that any necessary information is shared.

When your child moves from Year 6 to secondary school, the SENCo will share all relevant information regarding your child’s special educational needs. Extra transition visits can also be arranged.

If your child is starting with us in Reception, we will speak to their previous nursery to find out as much information as possible about their individual needs. A home visit will also be arranged.

Organisations that can offer additional advice and support

Communication and Autism Team – 0121 303 1793
Pupil and School Support – 0121 303 1793
Birmingham Virtual School – 0121 464 6599
Physical Difficulties School Support (PDSS) – 0121 742 7203
Sensory Support (SS) – 0121 303 1793
School Nurse – 0121 466 6000
SENAR – 0121 303 1888
Sensory Support Hearing Impairment – 0121 303 1888
Sensory Support Visual Impairment – 0121 464 9455
Speech and Language Community – 0121 466 6868
Traded Services Speech and Language – 0121 466 3397

Birmingham’s Local Offer (SEND)