Working Together

  1. How we will work with you to identify the needs of your child?

    The Meadows Primary adheres to the new Code of Practice under the Families Act 2014.

  2. How will we ask your permission to involve other professional to work with your child?

    If the SENCo requires an outside agency to work with your child then we will ask your permission. This may be verbal or written and we may ask your experiences at home and also for the views of the child.
    The SENCo will meet with the outside agencies regularly to look at allocation of time and resources.

  3. How will we involve your child in decisions about their learning?

    Children with additional needs will have an IEP. This document will lay out targets that can be measured and monitored.
    Any child with an Education Health and Care Plan will have an annual review.

  4. How we will support you in contacting organisations who can give advice and support?

    Here is a list of organisations that offer help and support to families:
    Communication and Autism Team 0121 303 1793
    Pupil and School Support 0121 303 1793
    Birmingham Virtual School 0121 464 6599
    Physical Difficulties School Support (PDSS) 0121 742 7203
    Sensory Support (SS) 0121 303 1793
    School Nurse 0121 466 6000
    SENAR 0121 303 1888
    Sensory Support Hearing Impairment 0121 303 1888
    Sensory Support Visual Impairment 0121 464 9455
    Speech and Language Community 0121 466 6868
    Traded Services Speech and Language 0121 466 3397