Autumn Term 1 – 1066

Children learned all about the Battle of Hastings, the famous fight of 1066. We discovered lots of information about castles, with children able to label their castle both in school, and at our trip to Warwick Castle. At Warwick Castle, we took part in battles, watched a falconry show and used our learning at school to help us identify the parts of a castle.

Warwick Castle


In English, we learnt how to use time adverbials to help us retell an event, for example our trip to Warwick Castle!

We also learnt how to use imperative verbs to help us write a set of instructions, for example when we made our own pulley system!


Our Maths was focused on place value and we have began to add and subtract 3 digit numbers.  Everyone is getting very good at identifying the place value of a digit, even without the use of equipment.

Speech and Language

In speech and language sessions we developed our shape coding skills to help us plan sentences. Word Aware sessions focused on developing our vocabulary on topic-based words such as ‘strong, conflict, King, victory and England.’