Parent Partnership

Name What they do Contact Details
Adders National charity which support families with ADHD. They have a monthly support group in Kings Heath run by CAMHs and All Saints project. Visit their website at:
Allens Croft If your child is waiting any medical assessments at Allens Croft you can contact main booking for appointment dates and times, as well as requesting to go onto the cancellation list if you are willing to take a short notice appointment. Main booking line:0121 465 8270
Autism West Midlands Charity which supports families and parents with ASD/Aspergers. They have regular parent support groups, kids clubs and much more. Phone: 0121 450 7852

Or visit their website at:

Big Community Big Community support families with any behaviour concerns, parenting support, speech therapy and support with medical assessments.  Parents/carers  can make their own referrals by phone call. Phone: 0121 464 1847
CAMHS – Child Adolescent Mental Health Service If you have any concerns with your child’s mental health development, or extreme behaviours, you can contact the drop in centre at Monyhull for advice or an initial drop in appointment. Phone: 0121 678 3400
Family Action Family Action are a charity which supports families with many different special needs.

Visit their website at:

Parent Partnership If your child is undergoing assessment for special needs, Parent Partnership can support parents/carers with advice about statutory assessment as well assessment procedures. Phone: 0121 303 5004
The School Nurse The school nurse team can be contacted if you have any medical concerns about your child, including vision and hearing. Phone: 0121 478 2000