Colmers Area School Games

Colmers Area School Games

The Meadows Primary School is part of the Colmers Area and the SGO (School Games Organiser) has produced lots of useful resources/links to keep children active at home. Click here to visit the Colmers Area School Games web page.

There are ideas/activities for all age groups on there and it is a very easy site to navigate.Hopefully, you will find the site useful and it will provide you with more ‘PE’ ideas to supplement what you are doing already.

Mr Ottley

Meadows Support Worker

Meadows Support Worker

At The Meadows, we recognise that you may be feeling alone during this difficult time and we want you to know that we are here for you. Sometimes the pressure of family life is simply too much to cope with alone.

If you would like a chat with Pat our family support worker, you can reach her on 07826644938 from Monday-Friday 2 – 4pm. Stay safe and keep talking.

Key Workers W/B 06/04/20

Thanks to everyone who has been filling in the Key Workers booking form. The form for next week (Week Beginning Monday 6th of April) is now available to fill in below. If you select the days you want your child to be in school, unless we contact you, then your child will be booked in for those days.

Thank you


Dear parents,

This is a reminder message about how the school is currently communicating and supporting you and your family.

Seesaw – to be used to send your child’s class teacher queries that you may have. You may also send photos of your children’s work if you wish.

Latest news – this must be checked daily for updates from the school. Seesaw will not be used to replace whole school updates so please ensure you are checking this page.

Kid’s Zone – to be used by children to access a wide range of subject related learning websites.

Covid-19 support for families – this is a new page located on our website under the ‘parents/carers area’. It contains a host of reputable companies and charities that are around to support you and your family in this current time of uncertainty.



Dear parents,

In order to provide a platform for parents to communicate with their child’s class teacher, we are launching an app called Seesaw. This will be for parents of children between Year 1 – 6 and Resource Base. Reception will continue to use Tapestry.

Seesaw will allow you to contact your child’s class teacher directly if you have any questions in regards to home learning. You can also send pictures and videos of your child’s work if you wish and in return, your teacher will provide words of encouragement.

We have put together a user guide to show you how to set up Seesaw on your smart phone. Please click here to view the user guide. If you do not own a mobile smart phone, you can access Seesaw online by clicking here and selecting ‘I’m a family member’.

You may send teachers messages between 8:45 – 3:15. Teachers will reply to your messages but please give them a day in which to do so.

Please make sure that you speak to class teachers in a polite manner as rude messages will not be tolerated.

School Meals

Free school meals for the week beginning 30/03/20 are now able to be ordered by parents online, the link is at the end of this post.

If you are ordering a free school meal it is a packed lunch provided by external caterers (Citiserve). It consists of a ham or cheese sandwich, a drink and a desert (cake/biscuit/yoghurt).

Unfortunately, due to the large numbers we are unable to deliver.

If you are a key worker, your child is in school and your child has a free school meal, please fill in the form as well so there will be a packed lunch in school for them.

If you are a key worker, your child is in school and your child has paid school lunches you can also order a meal (as above), this will have to be paid for as per normal.

To access the booking form clicking here.

Key Worker & Vulnerable Children Update

Firstly, can we say a really big thank you to all of those parents who are key workers – we are very grateful for all that you are doing.

Following the lockdown guidance from the government, we saw a decrease in the numbers of pupils attending school this week. Thank you to all parents who heeded this message and kept their children at home if they could.

Where possible, parents should be keeping children at home and away from school if there is an appropriate adult who can look after them. This is to protect everyone, but crucially it is to protect staff in school so that we are able to remain open.

We appreciate that shift patterns are constantly changing and parents are not always able to provide information in advance. However, it is useful for us to have an idea of the estimated number of children in school each day so that we can ensure that we have the right number of staff in school.

We are asking that Key Workers fill in a survey for next week, indicating which days at the moment that they wish to send their children into school.

During next week, if anything changes about the days you have booked your child in to school, then please telephone the office to let us know, or email school at:

The link to the survey can be found by clicking here: