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New Build

New buildings

Many of you will have seen the new sports cage being put up in the KS2 playground this week.  You will recall that we won the bid for a grant from ‘Sports England’ to erect a sports cage on the school site in order to improve the condition and use of the existing play space.  We were one of the lucky schools in the local area to be given this award and Mr Ottley has worked hard over the summer to liaise with the company installing the sports cage and co –ordinate with the other buildings projects at The Meadows.


Work is underway on the new build during 2015 and we anticipate that the period of the build project will be 12 months.

The first stage of the build will be on the ‘back playground’, which will enable us to then move our Reception classes into their new classrooms when this is complete and proceed with the second stage of the build at the front of the school; by the top of the drive and where currently we have our boiler house. The final stage of demolition of the current Year 2 and 3 classrooms will take place during a holiday period; which we anticipate to be during the summer break of 2015.  This will then enable us to maximize the external play areas for the children.


We were assured that during the construction work, any temporary changes to the entry routes to the school would be communicated to parents well in advance.

Due to the nature of the modular build, any noise caused by construction will be kept to a minimum. It was interesting to hear how rapidly the building would appear once the foundations were laid – a period of about two weeks! The contractors will then continue to work inside the buildings with minimum disruption to the school day and our surrounding neighbours.

Meadows build 2 Meadows build 1

Below is the latest picture from April 2015.

New Build

This is an exciting next step forward for The Meadows and we are all looking forward to the work getting underway.  Thank you to all our parents and staff in supporting this large project!


Mrs L Barton

Head Teacher

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