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The Meadows Resource Base is an integral part of the school and has capacity for 24 children with Special Educational Need statements primarily for speech, language and communication needs. The children are taught within three classes and as appropriate, they integrate with mainstream lessons within their weekly timetable. Specialist staff address the pupils’ needs through individual programmes incorporating speech and language therapy, 1:1 and small group teaching as well as providing varied levels of support within mainstream lessons for these children.


Pupils attending The Meadows Resource Base have a range of speech, language and communication difficulties that do not arise as a result of general developmental delay or learning difficulty. The teaching and therapy methods employed in our Resource Base are designed to build on the children’s strengths and are aimed to enable pupils to realise their full potential and return to full-time mainstream provision.  We therefore work with a wide range of professionals to support early identification of need in speech and language to maximize the impact of our specialist provision.