Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and are doing your best with the home learning tasks that your teachers have sent.
I’m sure you have been getting outside for your daily exercise, my family and I have been going for lots of walks with our dog, Woody. We’ve been playing lots of football in the garden as well!

I know Joe Wickes’ workouts on YouTube have been very popular too and if you haven’t tried one already, then try and do so – they are great fun and really get your heart beating fast! I have included a link at the bottom of this page. There’s a live workout every day at 9am. It’s a great way to start the day and will give you at least 30 minutes of your recommended 60 minutes active time a day.

If you’re finding it tricky to know what you can do for the other 30 minutes, then below are some suggested games/challenges that you and your family can try. You might even adapt the challenges slightly to make them easier/harder for yourself.

Why not make up some of your own games/challenges too? Don’t forget to make a note of them as I’d love you to teach me them when we are back at school.

Have fun everyone and stay safe.

Mr Ottley

Balloon Ball

Inflate a balloon. 
Team Challenge: Don’t let the balloon touch the ground. Each player must take it in turns to touch the balloon.
Competition: Each player has an area. The aim is to make the balloon land in another player’s area. Score a point if you manage to do this.
EXTRA CHALLENGE: Can you keep the balloon afloat whilst blindfolded?

Wheelbarrow Race

You will need a partner. One person places their hands on the floor, arms straight. Your partner must hold your feet so that you are in a press up position with your legs in the air.
Design a course and see how quickly you can complete the course.
EXTRA CHALLENGE: Family race. Who wins? Try changing partners.

Bottle Bowling

Find some empty bottles, fill them to a third full with water. MAKE SURE THE LIDS ARE SCREWED BACK ON!
Use a ball to roll and knock down the bottles.
Who can score the most points? Have several rounds, can you manage a strike?
EXTRA CHALLENGE: Try rolling from even further away.

2 Dice Roll

Roll 2 dice, add the numbers together.
Complete the challenge that you roll:
2          2 Star Jumps
3          3 Squats
4          4 Push Ups 
5          5 Sit Ups
6          6 Large Arm Circles
7          7 second Plank
8          8 Star Jumps
9          9 Squats
10      10 Push Ups
11       11 Sit Ups
12       12 Second Plank
EXTRA CHALLENGE: Double the amount of each challenge, EG, if you roll a 10, you must do 20 Push Ups


Each player needs an area of the floor. In their area they have 15 items (these can be anything: spoons, socks, balls, it’s up to you). 
Set a 5-minute timer.
The aim is to steal as many items as you can and place them in your area. You may only take one item at a time.
Whoever has the most items when the timer goes off is the winner.
EXTRA CHALLENGE: Change each player’s area size to make it easier / harder. Could you do it by hopping only?

Popcorn Push Ups

Place a bowl of popcorn on the floor.
Get into a press up position above the bowl.
For every press up, use your tongue to collect a piece of popcorn.
You could swap your popcorn for grapes or anything else you like.
EXTRA CHALLENGE: You could try increasing the number of press ups before earning your popcorn.

Animal Charades

Each player takes a turn to choose a charade card (you will need to make these from the list below).
Use only your actions to try and allow others to guess what your charade is.
You and the player who guesses correctly score a point if you are successful.
EXTRA CHALLENGE: Could you create your own charades?

A bear riding a bike A giraffe playing basketballA pig playing hockey   
An octopus water skiingA fish going to schoolAn elephant swimming
A cat in the bath A flamingo playing cricketA crocodile washing a car
A bird playing tennisA penguin on a slideA kangaroo boxing  
A dinosaur playing hopscotchA dog driving a car A camel sleeping
A rabbit dancingA snake playing footballA monkey doing gymnastics
A mouse doing long jumpAn ant in the sand

Hot Potato

Use an item that you can throw safely to each other, e.g., a soft ball or a pair of rolled up socks.
Set a 2-minute timer.
Throw your item to each other, whoever has the item at the end of the timer loses a life.
EXTRA CHALLENGE: You could add challenges instead of losing a life such as catch with one hand, stand on one leg.

Obstacle Course

Use whatever you can find to create an obstacle course and challenge your family to a race.
Some ideas could be:
Pillows to jump onto, Cushions to jump over, Blankets to crawl underneath, Stations of activity (E.g., press up points).
EXTRA CHALLENGE: Could you do this whilst tied to a family member? Is it possible to complete your course blindfolded? How many times can you finish your course before the Baby Shark song finishes playing?


Clear a space and spread items all over the floor such as pillows, cushions or even T-shirts. These items are for you to jump / step on but be careful…if you touch the floor, you have fallen in the sea!
Have one pirate who tries to capture you. Can you steal their treasure and return it to your ship before they catch you?
EXTRA CHALLENGE: Try rearranging your items on the floor to challenge yourself or make it harder for the pirate.

Fill the Bucket

Place equal sized containers on a ‘finish line’. Have a bottle, cup or jug of water on you start line.
Each player takes a mouthful of water from their start bottle. They must then get to their finish line container and empty the water from their mouth. Repeat until one player has filled their finish line container.
EXTRA CHALLENGE: Add a small obstacle course along the way to negotiate with your mouthful of water. HINT: Try not to laugh!!!

Capture the Flag

Split your family into teams.
Each player has 2 socks attached to them, such as hanging from the waistband of your trousers or pegged to your t shirt.
Each team has a ‘flag’ (this can be any item such as a pillow).
Each team must hide their flag.
The first team to retrieve the opponents flag and return it to their ‘home’ is the winner.
EXTRA CHALLENGE: Each player has 2 socks attached to them, such as hanging from the waistband of your trousers or pegged to your t shirt. You can steal an opponent’s socks to eliminate them from the game

Mini Olympics

Create a series of mini challenges.
Adjust the scoring accordingly so it is fit for the whole family to play.
Have a day of challenges and declare a winner at the end.
Options for games could include:
Board games, races, rock paper scissors, thumb wars, rolled up sock basketball, penalty shoot-out…whatever you can think of!
Don’t forget all the other great activities that are online too.
Below are some of my favourites:

PE with Joe Wickes – https://www.thebodycoach.com/blog/pe-with-joe-1254.html

Yoga for kids – https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga

Fun games and dance activities – https://app.gonoodle.com/

Active fun – https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers