Open and honest communication

Open and Honest Communication

How to speak to the SEN team if you have a concern or question?

If you are concerned about the learning of your child the first person to speak to about your child would be the class teacher.  They may direct you to the SENCo.

If the need is emotional then you could speak to someone in our pastoral team.

We may not always be available to speak to straight away so you could do the following:

Please ring the office and leave a message and a contact number
Make an appointment to see the relevant person.
Contact us by email
Learning –
Resource Base-



How we will try to make the information easy and clear to understand regarding your child?

You can read our SEN Policy on the website.  This details how we identify and assess children who have additional needs.

Our SEN governor is called Kerry Hastings.

What are the names of the agencies that might become involved with your child?

Pupil and School Support (PSS)
Communication and Autism Team (CAT)
Visual Support Team (VI)
Physical Difficulties School Support PDSS)
Education Psychologist (EP)
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)
Community Paediatrician
School Nurse
Speech Therapist from the community
Speech Therapist from Traded Services

How we will make sure the relevant people know about your child’s needs?

The SEN team will always discuss with you if they feel your child needs additional support.  Staff working with your child will be informed.

If outside agency involvement is needed then the suggestions from these professionals will be used to help support learning.

Medical needs are recorded on a care plan and are reviewed regularly.

Any learning needs are recorded on an Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

Any children with complex needs may have an Education Health and Care.  These are written using a Person Centred Review.  This process involves the whole family.

Mrs J Barrow is trained to carry out person centred reviews.

What happens when your child moves schools?

If your child moves to a new school then the SENCo from both schools make sure that any necessary information is shared.

If your child is starting with us in reception then we will talk to their previous nursery to find out as much information as possible about their individual needs.

We arrange a home visit before your child starts in reception as Early Years staff like to see children in their home environment.

When your child moves from year 6 to secondary school the SEN team will send all relevant information regarding your child’s special educational needs. Extra transition visits can also be arranged.