Autumn Term 1 – Castles

During Autumn Term 1, Oak learnt all about castles. As part of the topic, the children visited Warwick Castle. During the visit, they were able to identify different parts of the castle and were explain what each part were used for. The children were also able to explain how the building has changed over the course of time.

Using cardboard boxes and paint, the children made their own castle model with a drawbridge that opened. They also explored which materials would be good to use for a cannon ball.

Warwick Castle
Our castle


In English, we developed our writing skills using our sound and word mats to help us. We made our own vegetable soup and following this, we wrote instructions on how we made it.

Soup instructions

Our Maths focused on place value and we explored the use of the greater than and less than symbols. All children are now confident in representing single digit numbers using a wide range of methods.

Speech and Language

In Speech and Language sessions, we worked on our ‘time for sounds’ programme and used shape coding for our sentence planning work. We also used our ‘word aware’ programme to expand our understanding of maths vocabulary.