At the Meadows, our Mental Health team are Miss Martin, Mrs Jeffers and Miss Reeves.

We believe that it is essential that children’s learning not only improves their educational understanding but also develops their physical, emotional and social health. 

At our school, we have five Mental Health First Aid Champions who have received a Mental Health Youth First Aid Qualification from the MHFA organisation. This qualification equips the staff with a knowledge of different mental health diagnosis as well as strategies to support those struggling with their mental health. Our MHFAC’s are Miss Reeves, Mrs Jeffers, Mrs Marley, Miss Groves and Miss Tinley.

In class, the children are actively encouraged to discuss different emotions and mental health difficulties openly during circle times and PHSE lessons. In these sessions, teachers provide the children with opportunities to explore different emotions, share their own experiences and generate strategies to support each other. We also run different nurture groups where children are invited to develop their confidence, improve their self esteem and begin to better understand their anxieties and worries. 

Staff at the Meadows have all received Peacemakers training and follow the restorative justice approach when helping children to solve problems that they have personally encountered. This enables them to identify the source of the problem, understand their own and other people’s feelings and take responsibility for their actions.

When helping children to solve problems, five key questions are always asked in line with the restorative justice approach. These are:

  1. What happened?
  2. What were/ are you thinking?
  3. What were/ are you feeling?
  4. Who has been affected and how?
  5. What do you need (to do) to move forward?

Our belief is that when children are given more independence and responsibility for their actions, they are more able to make meaningful resolutions and build relationships with others to move forward and find peace. 

Our school is part of a community and we’d love to work with you to support our children! If you have any concerns or worries regarding your child’s emotional and mental health, please feel free to speak to a Mental Health First Aid champion.