Jigsaw PSHE HQ

Hi to everyone from Jigsaw PSHE HQ. We hope you are all staying safe and well. In our efforts to support families, schools, teachers and of course children, at this difficult time, we are giving away Jigsaw Families stories and Calm Me time(relaxation and mindfulness practice) audios on the Jigsaw home page. To visit, please click here.

These are accompanied by learning activities and are free for anyone, not just people associated with schools using Jigsaw PSHE materials. Even more exciting we are right now going LIVE with the Jigsaw Big SingSee link above. We are starting the Jigsaw Big Sing by giving away the Jigsaw song, ‘Together as One’, (seems apt at this time), along with suggested learning activities etc, and then inviting people to upload themselves singing Together as One…and at 3pm on April 14th. The collage of videos will go LIVE (same link) so children (and grown-ups) can watch and see if their video made it to the final cut. If you have anyone you can send the link to, please do…children singing across the world in this strange time. What could be more uplifting? 

Third Space

Third Space, a super maths website, has released an amazing page full of great maths ideas for you to do with your child. To view them, click here.