Year 1 have developed their knowledge of space and learnt about the lives of significant individuals who contributed to international achievements.


In English, we looked at instructions and discussed when and how we might use them. We followed instructions to make our very own rockets. Then we looked at the features and layout of instructions including time conjunctions and bossy verbs. Finally we wrote our own instructions so that other people would be able to make a rocket. Here is an example of our instructions.


In Maths, we concentrated on securing our understanding of place value of numbers up to 20 by using different representations. We looked at all the numbers up to 20 and discussed how many tens and ones are in each number. Then we compared numbers to 20, by looking for the greatest and smallest numbers. Here is an example of some of our practical work. 


We had a great time learning about Space and our Solar System. First we learnt about the Lunar Landing and why Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins are important people from the past. Then we compared this to modern day astronauts such as Tim Peake. We also learnt about the planets in our solar system. We found out the names of the planets and were able to put them in order from the Sun. Then we discovered what the planets are made from and discussed whether we could live on these planets. Our learning was also supported by a visit from the planetarium which was great fun.