During Autumn Term 2, Year 2 learnt all about pirates through our ‘Land Ahoy’ topic.


Through Guided Reading, we read a story called ‘The Pirate-Cruncher.

We then used this story in English to help us then write out own versions of the story. Within our stories, we made sure that we included expanded noun phrases, subordinating and coordinating conjunctions and year 2 common exception words. We also used lots of great new vocabulary that was introduced to us in Guided Reading.


In Maths, we spent a long time securing our knowledge of addition and subtraction mentally, using dienes, part whole models, bar models and using the formal written methods.


In art, we looked at a range of different pirate ship paintings and discussed how artists often used dark colours to portray fear. We then drew our own pirate ships to make people feel scared about coming near it.

Pirates Wow Day

On our Pirates Wow Day, we had great fun learning lots of different pirate songs and dressing up as pirates.

We also made our own pirate puppets, parrots, pirate hats and treasure maps.

Black History Month – The Empire Windrush

During Black History Month, we learnt all about The Empire Windrush. The learnt about the significance of the migrants that came off the ship and how much they helped England in rebuilding the country after the war. We also a song in Music about the thoughts of the passengers on the ship.