When the children return in September, some will be anxious about resuming school life. They may be wondering:

  • What door do I go to in the morning?
  • Where do I tell my parent/carer to pick me up from?
  • Where is my new classroom?
  • What is my new teacher going to be like?

These are normal worries to have, and we know that the children haven’t had the transition experience that they normally would have had.

Therefore, we made the decision to devise, and implement, a special programme to aim to support the children in their return to school. This will cover transition to their new class and also provide them with an opportunity to talk about their experiences during the lockdown period. This will be done in a supportive manner to ensure that the children recognise that everybody can have different feelings and experiences, and that this is okay.

The programme that the children will follow is outlined below:

Thursday 3rd September 2021

  • Children start back with the class teacher they had before lockdown.
  • This means that they will need to follow the start and end of the day procedures for that year group.
    • E.g. if a child was in Year 3 before lockdown, then they follow the start and end times for Year 3 as outlined in the Return to School Handbook.
    • If a child was in Reception before lockdown then they will follow the Reception procedures in the handbook that are from Monday 28th September.
  • The children will go to their pre-lockdown classroom.
  • On this first day, they will also have the opportunity to meet with their new class teacher for a very short period during a circle-time activity.

Friday 4th September 2021

  • Children will enter the school the same way that they did yesterday.
  • They will start the day with their old class teacher. They will enter the school at the same time as yesterday and through the same gate.
  • The children will spend the afternoon with their new class teacher.
  • They will be dismissed by their new class teacher.
  • They will leave the school from the exit point that they will be using while we are having a staggered start and finish. This is so that they, and parents, feel secure and ready for Monday morning.
  • Details of start and finish times, as well as entry/exit points for each year group are below.
  • The end times for this day are the same as they will be for the children’s new year group.
  • For some year groups, this may mean that on this day only, the school day is slightly shorter or slightly longer than it would usually be.