This term we have tried to link a lot our learning to our topic: World War One. We have used some extremely interesting resources to enhance learning including: War Game in English, genuine war diaries from World War One and video footage to increase our understanding.


In English, we have been very busy! We have been practising changing tenses and including emotive language in our diary writing. Additionally, we have written at length, ensuring we can use fronted adverbials of time, manner and place in our short story writing. Finally, we have applied the teaching of writing speech and effective description in our War Game endings.


In maths, we have covered many areas. We have been learning how to read and interpret graphs with various information. Furthermore, we have interpreted tables and timetables relating questions to real life situations. During this term, we have also learnt the terms Prime, Composite, Square, Factor, Product and Multiple. We used chanting and sentence stems to ensure children remember the terms and what they mean.  We have also used Venn Diagrams to display answers. The children can calculate area and perimeter using regular shapes and most can calculate the area and perimeter of composite figures too.


During Guided Reading, the children looked at the WWI Christmas Truce advert for Sainsburys based on a simple picture.


We have been studying World War One. The children have looked carefully about conditions in the army and we have spent time studying the trenches. Moreover, we have taken time to see how the War effected other aspects of life including the role of women and the home front.


We have focused on E-Safety this half term.


Over 50% of children in Year can now swim 25 meters!