Dear parents,

In order to provide a platform for parents to communicate with their child’s class teacher, we are launching an app called Seesaw. This will be for parents of children between Year 1 – 6 and Resource Base. Reception will continue to use Tapestry.

Seesaw will allow you to contact your child’s class teacher directly if you have any questions in regards to home learning. You can also send pictures and videos of your child’s work if you wish and in return, your teacher will provide words of encouragement.

We have put together a user guide to show you how to set up Seesaw on your smart phone. Please click here to view the user guide. If you do not own a mobile smart phone, you can access Seesaw online by clicking here and selecting ‘I’m a family member’.

You may send teachers messages between 8:45 – 3:15. Teachers will reply to your messages but please give them a day in which to do so.

Please make sure that you speak to class teachers in a polite manner as rude messages will not be tolerated.