Key Worker & Vulnerable Children Update

Firstly, can we say a really big thank you to all of those parents who are key workers – we are very grateful for all that you are doing.

Following the lockdown guidance from the government, we saw a decrease in the numbers of pupils attending school this week. Thank you to all parents who heeded this message and kept their children at home if they could.

Where possible, parents should be keeping children at home and away from school if there is an appropriate adult who can look after them. This is to protect everyone, but crucially it is to protect staff in school so that we are able to remain open.

We appreciate that shift patterns are constantly changing and parents are not always able to provide information in advance. However, it is useful for us to have an idea of the estimated number of children in school each day so that we can ensure that we have the right number of staff in school.

We are asking that Key Workers fill in a survey for next week, indicating which days at the moment that they wish to send their children into school.

During next week, if anything changes about the days you have booked your child in to school, then please telephone the office to let us know, or email school at:

The link to the survey can be found by clicking here: