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The Meadows Primary School believe that children should always have the opportunity to learn. In these unprecedented times, to help parents and carers as much as possible, and to allow children to continue to learn and excel, teachers have set a range of online activities for children to complete.

The activities require logins which have been provided to parents via emails and are set on the following websites:

If you have not yet received your child’s login details, please be patient as they will be provided over the coming week, provided that you have given the school your email address.

We have also put together 22 other websites that children can learn from. These cover a range of subjects such as e-safety, English, maths, reading, phonics, history, art, french and PE. There is no need for children to sign up to these websites as the activities are currently freely available. To access these websites, please visit the Child Zone section of our website or click here.

Further to this, we have also provided links to more phonics related websites for younger children. To access these websites, please click here.

Phonics Play are currently offering a higher level of access then usual to their website for parents. Simply use the username: march 20 and the password: home to access the full website.

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  1. Many thanks for The Meadows continued support at this difficult time

  2. Thank you Meadows.
    Another website with free resoures for all pupils. http://www.natre.org.uk/about-natre/free-resources-for-you-and-your-pupils/
    Some great Easter activities.

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