Coronavirus Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

Future updates about the Coronavirus will be posted on the school website, so please check this regularly.

  • At the moment we have not had any confirmed cases within the school community.
  • Some children and staff are self-isolating as a precautionary measure.
  • Some members of staff are self-isolating following advice from the Government if they have underlying medical conditions that require them to have the flu jab on an annual basis.
  • If your child has a flu jab for an underlying medical condition then please follow the guidance from the government which can be found by clicking here.
  • We are having difficulty sourcing additional supplies of hand soap/gel and we are continuing to try and track down supplies. We will keep you updated on this.
  • Some classes may have to be combined when we don’t have enough class teachers to teach in every class (there is little chance of us being able to book supply staff).
  • If you are keeping your child off for either illness or self-isolation, please inform the school. If the phone lines are busy, then please try again after 9:30am.
  • We will only close the school as a very last resort, but it would be a good idea for all parents to have a plan in place should this happen.

Finally, thank you to the support that you are giving in a very unsettling and stressful time for everyone. I will reiterate my earlier point that we are doing, and will continue to do, all that we can to keep school open. I would also like to thank the calmness that is being shown by the school community, which has also been a great help.

Thank you Mr Naughton.