Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month we have focused, as a school, on diversity. Every child in school had the opportunity to create a mask. Each year group focused on a different culture. We shared them in assembly, but we would also like to share them with you.


Year 6 can tell you all about their Aztec creations:

The Aztec and Hispanic cultures used masks for many reasons including:

  • Religious ceremonies
  • To celebrate Death
  • To honour their gods
  • To intimidate – used by Warriors of ancient times

The Aztecs considered masks to be transformational objects which had great power opening a portal from one identity or reality to another. For example Aztec high priests believed that they were one with their gods and spoke for them when they wore their ceremonial masks.

Aztec masks, particularly death masks were made from stone. Decorative and ceremonial masks were often made of precious metals and jewels.

In year 6, we made our mask from card using different mosaic styles. One group built up them up through layers of masking tape before painting them to create 3D representations.